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Different Consultancy Service Models

See our vlog below, where we consider external consultancy support, the different types of service models offered, and which ones might best complement the coordinator/consortium own efforts.

Only considering the writing phase here; following after the initial phase of project idea, concept development, consortium formation, etc., and before the post-award project implementation phase.

proposal editor service model
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Among the different models referenced, are included:

  • Full proposal writing responsibility
  • Project Manager – coordinating a consortium bid development process
  • Final draft proposal review
  • Proposal Editor

Proposal Editor Role

We like to offer a Proposal Editor support service model for provision of a comprehensive proposal writing support function, including guidance and tips for writing great Horizon Europe proposals.

We don’t position ourselves as a ‘proposal writer’, rather mainly providing, based on close and early engagement with the proposal coordinator, a draft proposal review service including detailed review/feedback/edit of multiple draft iterations across all proposal sections.

This could include working off early raw drafts provided by the coordinator and proceeding to reshape and edit to develop a coherent, engaging and evaluator-friendly story that clearly addresses all the call criteria. It would be a very interactive and iterative review and feedback process, likely including considerable editing and reworking of sections as we work together to build a high quality final proposal document.

We seek to provide specialist input and added value that will align with and complement the existing in-house proposal development resources while providing an external perspective, thereby maximising chances for success.

Our overall objective in the support we provide is to hit the “sweet spot”, taking on an already good quality draft proposal provided by the coordinator/consortium and helping to refine and reshape into a great final proposal !

Helping you go the extra mile in writing a winning EU proposal!

Contact me for your HE draft proposal review - donald@cillnua.eu