Research & Innovation funding and grant proposal writing support

Over thirty years’ experience in applied R&D, business development, public funding and grant proposal writing.


  • EU Innovation funding  and grant writing / bid writing support activity targeted to SMEs, large enterprises,  universities and research centres for national and EU programmes.
  • R&D grant proposal review/editing service. Support offered across EU grant funding programmes including agri-food, bioeconomy biotech and health areas.
  • Project concept screening Go/No-Go evaluation (free service)
  • Collaborative research, consortium development, partner search/linkage/brokerage.
  • Funding strategy – project scoping, funding scan, programme mapping and alignment.
  • Other – white papers, business plan review, market studies, policy briefings, content creator…..
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Donald Mc Donagh

Grant Writer
EU Innovation Funding Consultant

Donald has over thirty years’ experience in applied R&D, business development, innovation funding and grant/bid writing.  Assisting with the proposal development process and detailed reviewing/editing of interim and final drafts. Offering a personalised service to help you go the extra mile in writing a winning EU grant proposal!

Donald - proposal writing support


We offer a Proposal Editor support service model based on close and early engagement with the coordinator for provision of a comprehensive grant proposal writing support function. Ideally, I prefer not to position myself as a proposal writer –  generally, the primary writing is best coming from the coordinator/consortium – but we help to frame it to the required template structure and shape/edit it to present a clear coherent story, while also ensuring all guidelines and evaluation criteria are addressed appropriately and any gaps are identified. This will take the form of detailed proposal review / proposal editing of multiple research draft proposal iterations across all relevant sub-sections. In this way, we  provide specialist input and added-value that will align with and complement the existing in-house proposal development resources (scientific and research management), thereby maximising chances for success.


Our preferred approach is to focus our input on this in-depth writing support rather than the project manager role for the proposal development process. We will interact primarily with the coordinator and their internal support team, who in turn will work closely with the consortium partners and project-manage the entire proposal development process.

Likewise, We seek to provide support during the proposal preparation pre-award phase and generally don’t put ourselves forward as a project partner for project management or communication & dissemination roles during the project implementation phase.


Our overall objective in the support we provide is to “hit the sweet spot”, taking on an already good quality draft research proposal provided by the coordinator/consortium and helping to refine and reshape into a great final proposal !